Model Plane Project with Spyral Coping Saw

A customer in Canada was kind enough to provide the following explanation of his use of Spyral coping saw blades: I use the “Spyral” coping saw blade to cut out intricate features, in model airplane plywood. The attached photograph show a special wing rib used in a 2-metre model sailplane.  The wing rib is made from 1/8” model airplane plywood (6 ply).  The wing rib is strong and light and is used at a critical interface, where two wings join together.

The other photograph shows the wing ribs. The drill bits seen along the bottom of the wing’s trailing edge are used to set a ¼” slope into the wing, as the wing rib adhesive dries.

My application of the “Spyral” coping saw blade is not exotic but the “Spyral” blade saves me a lot of time and I can use simple hand tools.