Bandsaw Applications and Custom Manufacturing

Spyral blades can be custom manufactured to fit almost any project need. They make a perfect choice for bandsaws, reciprocal saws, manual cutting, and more. The 360 degree blade makes for easy cutting adjustments on large and complex projects, and is easily capable of handling almost any material.

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Bandsaw Blades

Continuous loop Spyral blades for bandsaws and other specialized equipment are welded to your required length in .040”, .050”, or .074” diameter.  These blades are resistance welded and heat treated for maximum weld life.  Welded blades are the most common product used in aerospace and industry.  Maximum blade life is achieved on bandsaws with 24” or larger wheels.  Blades are run at speeds up to 5,000 sfm.

Bestway Roller Guides allow the use of Spyral Bandsaw Blades on existing bandsaw machines.  They are a common part for both upper and lower guide positions.  The customer must make upper and lower brackets for mounting the guides on the bandsaw.

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Custom Spyral Saw Fabrication

We offer Spyral blades cut to your specified length for your specific purpose.  Common uses are for machine components, specialized tools and cleaning devices.