Carbide Hacksaw Blade

SPYRAL Diamond Coated Round Hacksaw Blades: The Ideal Alternative to Conventional Carbide Hacksaw Blades and Carbide Rod Saws

Our Long-lasting Spyral Diamond-Coated Hacksaw Blades provide the Precision & Ease of Operation needed to cut hard and abrasive materials including ceramics, glass, tile, stone, glass cement and carbon reinforced-composites Conventional Carbide Hacksaw Blades only cut straight lines.  They cannot make the precise, intricate cuts required for coping pipe, trimming tile, creating cutouts or contouring most materials. What sets our SPYRAL Diamond Coated Hacksaw Blades apart from every other blade in the market is the precision and ease-of-use that accompanies even the most demanding applications.

Carbide Hacksaw Blade

SPYRAL Diamond Hacksaw Blade out perform Carbide Rod Saws. They cut faster, easier, with less effort, and a smaller kerf. And they have the ability to cut sharp, intricate angles, curves, notches and contours in everything from ceramics, glass, tile, stone, glass cement and carbon reinforced-composites So, if you’re a craftsman or tradesman looking for the perfect, versatile multi-directional cutting hand tool, then the Spyral Diamond Coated Hacksaw Blade should always be your first and only choice. Available in our online store in packs of two, each 12-inch Spyral Hacksaw Blade is fully-compatible with standard hacksaw saws and designed with a:

  • Round blade shape and eyelets that make it an easy fit for most 12-inch hacksaws
  • 60# grit, high-density diamond coating to ensure durability and precise long-lasting, cutting results

What makes our Diamond Coated SPYRAL Hacksaw Blades better than conventional carbide hacksaw blades and rod saws?

That’s easy. Our SPYRALl blades are the perfect investment for everyone involved in anything from arts and crafts to trade work. Our tools are the unique problem solvers that produce meticulous cuts, beautiful forms and stylish designs with less difficulty – a job that simply can’t be matched by most competitive products.
So, there isn’t a better choice than our SPYRAL Diamond Coated Hacksaw Blades when time and precision are never an option. This includes making the cut with all of our Spyral blades, which are built in-house and can be custom designed to meet the specific, individual needs of each and every customer.
With all the information listed online, you can easily place an order for our Diamond Coated Hacksaw Blade and take your work efficacy to the next level with this wonder tool!