Tree Limb Cutting

Cutting down high tree limbs is tricky and not everyone who has tried it has been successful. The main problem is that if the blade is looped over the branch it gets pinched by the sides of the branch and jams part way through. In order to avoid this you have to minimize the amount that the blade is bent or looped
around the branch. Our experience is that the blade must make at least a120 degree angle over the branch. In other words the blade should not be bent more than 60°. You cannot just stand under the branch and pull back and forth. You need two people standing apart a distance of at least 3.5 times the height of the
branch. Typically people attach ropes to the ends of 3-4 feet of blade.

The thicker blades seem to work better, especially the .074” for large, difficult to reach (high) limbs. This seems to be because it is much stiffer and less likely to kink and jam even though it requires a lot of effort/work because you are removing more material with the larger kerf. We have successfully cut low
branches where it is easier to control the blade angle with the .050” diameter saw blade.

We make a product called a sculptor’s blade that can be made with any diameter blade including the .074” diameter. It has loops of wire rope crimped on the ends. You can easily attach ropes to the loops. Sculptor’s blades are made to order in any length, typically 3-4 feet for cutting limbs. The crimped on wire rope loops
are much stronger than the eyelets used on the camping and pocket saws or the thumbscrew on the Survival Saw.

Please email or call if you are interested in purchasing blade stock, the sculptor’s
saw or just want to discuss your application.