Rope Saw For Trees

Spyral Dual Blade Rope Saw: The Perfect Tool for Trimming & Cutting High Tree Branches

The pruning of high tree branches can be difficult, dangerous and even ultra-expensive if professionals are needed to trim every limb that gets weak, damaged or too long and heavy.

We created our Spyral Dual Blade Rope Saw to eliminate these challenges by cutting hard-to reach branches safely, quickly and without the use of ladders. While nearly every other rope saw uses a chain saw blade, our Spyral Dual Blade Rope Saws cut from any direction or orientation with a 360o, bidirectional cutting edge that performs each and every job with less effort.

That’s because teams of two need only tie two ropes through each end of the saw blade and then start sawing with long, easy strokes, while standing on either side of the limb and at least 2.5 times the height of the branch apart. The Spyral Dual Blade Rope Saw will do the rest with a series of smooth, fluid strokes that require far less strength when compared to similar Rope saw products. This is due to Spyral Dual Blade Rope Saw ‘s continuous spiral teeth that can also be more easily repositioned anywhere on the tree limb, which is a real time saver when cutting multiple branches at once or operating in tight spaces.

Proudly made in the USA, our Spyral Dual Blade Rope Saw for Trees are also perfect for landscapers, arborists or contractors looking to add tree trimming and pruning to their list of services or the homeowners or DIYers that would prefer to save the time and money by doing the work themselves.