Wire Saw

Spyral Wire Saw Blades: Unlimited Versatility for Wide-ranging Professional and DIY Applications

Spyral Wire Saws aren’t just for sawing.

What can you do with a small diameter wire with a spiral tooth that runs down its length?  We call it a Wire Saw but it’s far more than just a saw – it’s actually a fine cutting, filing and utility tool with the limitless potential to fulfill any number of tasks.

Spyral Wire Saws offer the versatility needed to extract broken keys from locks, clean the tip of welding torches or the interior of small tubes and piping. They also cut everything from metals, plastics, foam and adhesives to rubber, wood and bone with cuts that are often impossible with conventional flat blades. 

That’s because our Spyral Wire Saw Blades, unlike other wire saws, are constructed with a single continuous 360-degree cutting tooth that can be flexibly and easily manipulated to cut from any angle, position or direction. As a result, everyone from fine craftsmen and modelers to fabricators and tradespeople will appreciate the unbounded ability to make the sharp, intricate, and curved shapes that can speed the completion of thousands of projects and applications that can also range from the cleaning of pipes to the filing of round of holes into slots.

So, please consider our Spyral Wire Saw Blades when you’re looking for a fine utility wire blade designed for limitless applications. Made in the USA, our Spyral Wire Saw Blades are available in a variety of product formsAnd of course, we are always here to answer questions or custom design the products that best meet your needs and purposes.