Emergency Saw

Emergency Saws: Never Face the Unknown without the Ability to Act Swiftly & Decisively

Times up. Lives are on the line and there’s no room for failure.  Always be prepared.

These are the situations faced daily by many U.S. Military, EMTs, police officers, firefighters, public servants and even civilians (especially campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts).

So, don’t be caught off guard. Emergency Saws are perfect for quickly and efficiently cutting everything from not just wood, but also plastics, metal, bone and more when time is not a luxury.

SPYRAL’s Emergency Saws are the only blades of their kind that cut metal. In fact, all of our Emergency Saw Blades are designed with a spiral cutting tooth that’s formed into a single, hardened steel wire. As a result, the blades can reach difficult, hard-to-get places to make the intricate, exact cuts that would be nearly impossible with conventional flat blades.

Easy to use with a construction that doesn’t readily cut skin, our Emergency Saw Blades are also far more versatile than most similar products, which work best with ONLY soft materials. In addition to their compact size which makes them an easy fit for most rescue kits, all of our blades have a 360° cutting tooth that cuts wide-ranging materials from any orientation or direction.

Our line of durable and high-quality Emergency Saws include:

  • SPYRAL Pocket Saws. This is the famed Pocket Saw used by Chuck Yaeger to cut through his pressure suit when he was forced to bail out of a test flight at 104,000 feet. Lightweight and compact, it is the ideal addition to survival and camping kits since it can be coiled into areas as small as a shirt pocket.

  • SPYRAL Military Survival Saws. The Government has purchased more than 100,000 SPYRAL Military Survival Saws over the past 30 years. Originally developed by the USAF for a pilot survival kit, each saw is designed with heavy-duty steel removable end fittings that are strong enough to hold over 300 lbs. and cut nearly any curve imaginable

 All of SPYRAL’s Emergency Saws and Saw Blades are proudly made in the USA.