Fret Saw

SPYRAL Freestyle Coping Saws: A Great Alternative to Standard Fret Saws When

Perfection Is the True a & Only Goal


Every craftsman knows the importance of precision and accuracy.


For years, Fret Saws or Jewelers Saws were the preferred choice for making the intricate cuts and designs needed to turn everything from intricate fretwork to jewelry into fine works of art.


And then, we created the Spyral Freestyle Coping Saw. Our Spyral Freestyle Coping Saws go a step beyond the capability, accuracy and ease-of-use provided by many Fret Saws. This includes the unwavering commitment to the sharp, distinct and artistic spirals, contours, notches and sharp v shapes that separate the work of ordinary modelers, tradesmen and craftsmen from true artisans.


Unlike common Fret Saws that only cut in one direction due to designs with flat blades that have one-sided cutting surfaces, our Spyral Freestyle Coping Saws were developed with a single continuous 360-degree cutting blade that can be flexibly and easily manipulated to cut delicate surfaces from virtually any angle, position or direction. The result is the unbounded versatility to make the intricate, finite cuts that can elevate most modeling and crafting projects into truly spectacular showpieces. Other benefits include a:


  • Comfortable, lightweight and user-friendly handle that reduces user fatigue
  • Flexible 360° tooth design that cuts in any orientation and direction without the need to continually rotate the blade – an impossibility with most Fret Saws and comparable cutting tools


So, never forget to consider our Spyral Freestyle Coping Saw or Freestyle Coping Saw kit when artistry is more than a goal and the quest for precision is limitless. Our goal is to provide each and every user with the unbounded ability to reach their artistic heights with designs that truly standout from the pack.