Jewelers Saw

Spyral Jewelers Saw Blades: Precision Beyond Compare

Beauty, precision and elegance are the essential trademarks of nearly every piece of jewelry.

That’s why no workbench is complete without Spyral Jewelers Saw Blades, which are perfect for cutting, filing or shaping metals, wood, fiberglass, plastic, plexiglass, and/or casting wax into the intricate, ornate designs commonly found in fine jewelry. This includes the ability to cuff materials even when the blade is bent due to each blade’s 360-degree tooth design, which can make the same precision cuts from virtually any angle and without the need to continually rotate the blade and saw.


Plus, you can’t beat the flexibility. Available with a fine(.028”), medium (.040”) or coarse(.050”) diameter blade design, our Spyral blades work equally well in Jewelers Saw , pin vises or even scroll saws, where they can be easily clamped into place without the need for pins. In fact, they can even be inserted through small holes to make the ultra-sensitive internal cuts that just can’t be produced with other products.


 Jewelers Saw

Spyral Freestyle Coping Saws: Creating Delicate Designs for Everything from Modeling to Jewelry Making

For work or fun, you can always count on Spyral Coping Saws to create the delicate external shapes and interior cutouts needed for everything from modeling and engraving to fine carpentry

Created with the same single continuous cutting tooth design that wraps around the length of a hardened steel wire, our Spyral Coping Saw is ideal for cutting contours, creating corners or crowns, and forming exquisite shapes and notches in plastics, light metals, rubber, wood, bone, insulation foam and more.


Thinner than most rod saws and the only wire saw with a spiral 3600 cutting edge ,our Spyral Coping Saws can also be used as fret saws commonly used for jewelry making, cutting sheet metal, and all kinds of hobby and crafts purposes. Other benefits include the:

  • Flexibility to cut in any orientation and direction with superior control
  • Creation of angles, shape spirals and form sharp v designs with relative ease
  • Incorporation of a comfortable handle design developed to reduce user fatigue
  • Ability to twist off and use with hole saws (.04" and .05" blades only) and then reattach by simply twisting the ends back onto the saw handles

To achieve these spectacular results with your next project, carpenters, metalworkers, craftsmen, model builders and homeowners need only reach out to Spyralsaw .