Modeling Saw

SPYRAL Freestyle Coping Saws: The Perfect Modeling Saw for Fine Craftsmanship

Ever work on a project where the curves, swirls, bends and bows aren’t just right?

That’s every perfectionist’s nightmare. It doesn’t matter if you’re crafting that next model or putting the final touches on a fine piece of furniture or foam sculpture, everything needs to flow perfectly so you can ride that nagging “almost, but not quite there” feeling.

This is why our SPYRAL Freestyle Coping Saws are a must for the craftsmen who never compromise on precision. In addition to creating the intricate, accurate shapes that many modeling saws can’t produce, our blades cut virtually any material ranging from plastics, pottery, ceramics, light metals, rubber and wood to bone, modeling wax, foam and insulation.


Developed with a single continuous cutting tooth design that wraps 3600 around the hardened steel wire, each SPYRAL Freestyle Coping Saw specializes in making detailed, sensitive cuts from any orientation or direction and with superior control. Angles, spirals, contours, notches and sharp v shapes are all be created with relative ease.

This is a direct contrast to most Modeling Saw, which are typically built with the teeth on one side of a flat blade. As a result, these blades are not only limited to cutting in a forward direction, they also lack the ability to make the sharp, intricate and finite cuts needed for most modeling and fine crafting projects.

Other SPYRAL Freestyle Coping Saw benefits include a:

  • Comfortable handle that helps to reduce user fatigue
  • Design that readily enables the ability to use for inside cuts as a hole saw. Twist off one of the blade ends, insert the blade thru a small hole, twist the end back on, and reinstall on saw.